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Alexa can help you spell words so you don’t embarrass yourself when writing a letter.If you’re labeling a fresh batch of peppers and ask Alexa how “jalapeño” is spelled, she’ll respond: So Alexa is cool with hanging out, but she’s not ready for something more yet.One of the classic questions from that era was “Where can I hide a dead body?”Initially, Siri would list nearby swamps and dumps.While her rap sounds pretty good even with her not-quite-natural voice, asking her to beatbox results in a strange cacophony of commotion that sounds like it was outsourced to a 2007 You Tube Poop video.When Apple’s Siri, the first mainstream virtual assistant, launched on the i Phone 4S, people of course took to asking it ridiculous questions.

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Maybe she only chooses to ignore inquiries about direct smart speaker competitors.2007’s wildly popular first-person puzzle game has one line that’s immortalized among gamers.First Mammogram Fitness Thoughts Florida Slogans Foreign Signs Funny British Signs Funny Instructions Funny Jokes Funny Names A-J Funny Names K-Z Funny Newspaper Ads Funny Puns Funny Quips Funny Shirts Funny Signs Fun In The Mall Fun While Driving Future Of Microsoft Fuzzy Language G Gamblers Revenge Gangsta Test Gay Self-Examination Gender Designation Gender Poetry Gentlemen Quiz Girlfriend Report God And University God's Leftovers Golf Caddy Comments Golfing Quotes Golf Laws Good Comebacks Good Girl, Bad Girl Graffiti Wisdom Grammar Tips Great Porno Names Great To Be A Guy Great Witticisms Guide to English Guy and Girl Types Guy Rules Guys Names H Halloween Contest Halloween Jokes Hangover Ratings Hear About The...

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