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Booking people who really had much better things to do turned out to be surprisingly easy.But scheduling interviews, then following through on them was a time suck. I was determined not to do a show that sounded like it was recorded on a Radio Shack microphone at the bottom of the Mediterranean, and my friend Richard had all the good equipment. As you can tell from the healthy translucence of my skin, I'm not good at leaving the house.The show may not be any funnier, but it's closer to what I intended to do from the start. Despite the humidity, it's not a bad place to live. There's this local dive called Outback, where they take an onion and -- get this -- make it look like a blooming flower. I'm 28 years old and currently make most of my money doing research for a law firm, because these guys are too rich and/or stupid to use Google. Previously, I've worked as a writer and producer of TV commercials, a high school English teacher, and a quest writer for a sci-fi MMO that was never released. I can only speak from a single experience, but I'm pretty sure he's a switch hitter. But I blacked out halfway through, so there's no telling. This is going to get detailed and possibly uninteresting to anyone who isn't a content producer of some sort, so I recommend skipping ahead to the next question if you're a narcoleptic or an ADD sufferer or a baby or something. The show sounds pretty good, but it could sound better with some different, more professional equipment.

So I feel like it's not a tall order to fork over five bucks a month for something that genuinely entertains me week to week.After that you get into a routine and before you know it, you've got 30, 50. Before I started the podcast, I had a wake of prematurely aborted projects trailing behind me. Especially when the show first started, it was an ordeal.Sometimes I'd start something and abandon it because the finished product didn't meet my ambitions. I figured the best way to trick people into listening would be to schedule a guest for every episode.I'm pretty comfortable talking to actual comedians, since most of them share the kind of self-obsessed comedy autism that's demonstrated in the previous paragraph. I'd like to generate enough income from the show to be able to do it full time.

I'm not interested in getting rich and stupid like some attorneys I know, but it would be nice to be able to afford to spend more time making the show better.

The show still isn't as good as I'd like it to be, but I enjoy making it more than almost anything else I've ever done.

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One major reason is because technology makes it easy to hurt others without thinking through the consequences, according to Jill Murray, Psy.… continue reading »

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